Heather Dempster Interview

Heather Dempster is the founder and owner of Javelin Success. Heather is an accomplished and experienced coach, trainer and mentor with extensive experience in the public, private and third sectors. She specialises in personal development and transformation, mental health and managing change.  As a trainer she delivers on issues of emotional intelligence, coaching,  leadershipresilienceconflict management, personal and professional excellence, and confidence building.

Why did you set up Javelin Success?

Unless  you  are  from  a  business  background,  you  really  have  no  idea  what  is ahead  of  you  when  you  set  up  a  business.  For me it has been an incredible journey of learning over the past 14 years. I have worked in  a variety of jobs , most of which I enjoyed, but for many years I had a keen sense that I wanted to have my own business with  a  teaching  or  training  element  to  it.  It  was  never  the  desire  to  have  a huge amount of money or power that drove me into this, rather the importance and  integrity  of  doing  a  good  job,  to  the  best  of  my  ability  and  helping  others reach their full potential. It was also about the freedom of choosing who I work with  and  what  I  do  and  when  I  work,  that  was  attractive  to  me.  Throughout my career I’ve also managed to strike the balance between making a comfortable living for myself and being drawn to helping others, particularly working in the increasingly challenging context of the third sector.

I’ve  learned  that  I  am  a  natural  teacher ,  problem  solver  and  leader ,  but  those skills didn’t always fit in  the jobs  where I found myself and I quite often found myself  in  conflict  with the  role  that  I  was  doing.  When I look  back  through  my work  experience  I  realise  that  I  have  always  mentored  and  coached, and  been there helping and supporting others, but didn’t recognise it at the time. 

What makes Javelin Success different to other coaching and training consultancies?

I  am  particularly  interested  in  helping  people  with  their  own  personal development. I have a wide and varied experience in working with people from all walks of life, backgrounds and nationalities.  None of my work experience has  been  wasted  and  I  have  learned  so  much  about  myself ,  others  and  the ways  organisations  work  and  treat  people  and  how  this  affects  the  individual, family  and  community .  It is engaging with the challenges in the lives of others that really interests me and I am convinced that the problem-solving skills that Javelin  Success  uses  can  be  applied  to  different  situations.  Javelin Success coaching involves treating each person as a unique individual.    The coaching involves  me  actively  listening  to  you  and  asking  lots  of  strong  questions  in  a methodical manner that helps you to see your situation more clearly , helps you explore your options and find  a clear pathway through.  I love it when someone has that light bulb moment! 

The training provided is thorough and delivered in an interactive way that helps others to learn, while having fun and sharing their experience.    I use a variety of methods depending on the group.    Javelin Success  provides  training  for  the private,  public  and  voluntary  sectors,  both  generic  and  bespoke  and  a  training needs analysis can be employed. Where requested, I also provide training to individuals who like individual one-to-one training alongside coaching, especially in the areas of time management and work life balance.

What is your own background?

My wide and varied experience has included Training, Project Management, Administration, and Management in the private, public and third sectors. This has involved training and teaching adults, management of training for staff and customers, client and customer consultations, project management, interim management, event management, business analysis, report writing and set-up of new posts in the areas of education, health and mental health and IT. I’ve worked with people of all backgrounds, age and ethnicity and very much aware of the pressures and juggling that is modern life.

Why should people or organisations avail themselves of Javelin Success Services

I have a genuine interest in people, love to be part of encouraging, empowering and developing others to reach their full potential.  People from all backgrounds will be made very welcome. Javelin Success challenges individuals to look at their various options and helps them address significant and pertinent questions.  The Javelin Success coaching process is bespoke to the individual.  Personal and professional issues are explored, in confidence and with empathy, and solutions identified. Clients learn how to use their own development and action plans and the coach supports the individual through the process of implementation of those plans.  Others who come to make life decisions are challenged in a gentle but exploratory way.

Javelin Success provides coaching in the areas of career, business and life in general.  Training on particular topics are also made available on a group or individual basis.

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