Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

This is a 3-hour face-to-face workshop especially designed with leaders in mind and has the advantage of interaction with other leaders. Although it is a brief stand alone workshop it contains quite a comprehensive introduction to the areas of emotional intelligence and leadership.  

It is also a good precursor to doing the more advanced online 6-module Certificate in Emotional Intelligence, which gives you a more in-depth knowledge, skills and tools with minimum of 15 hours of learning.  

Course outline

The workshop will explore the following areas:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Differences/values/attitudes
  • Domains of Excellence: The Emotional Competence Framework
  • Traditional
  • Leadership and the Peter Principle
  • The Leadership Edge
  • Professional competencies
  • The Art of Collaboration
  • Self-Mastery and Self-Control
  • Acknowledging emotions and identifying triggers
  • How do they manifest in you?
  • Know how to manage your emotions
  • Reflective log and action plan


This is for those wishing to understand emotional intelligence and to learn more about themselves and how they lead others. This course is especially for those who have people and leadership responsibilities, for example, managers, social workers, teachers, doctors, politicians, youth workers, but not limited to these roles.

This is a stand alone workshop, where you will learn the fundamentals of  Emotional Intelligence within a leadership context.  You will learn to recognise your own emotional triggers and how to manage your emotions.

However, for a more in-depth training on Emotional Intelligence I would suggest the Javelin Success Online Certificate in Emotional Intelligence, which is a full 6 module course.

Ready to get started?

If you would like to book a training workshop or you would just like to find out more about this course, including if you would like to host a workshop at your place of work, please feel free to contact me below, or ring me on 07800978121.