'Free to be me' Course

This is a 6-week face-to-face personal development course that has been created especially for older people.   It is ‘down to earth’, practical, and aims to be fun and lively, at the same time. The course shares tips to promote self-confidence and self-esteem, and coping skills to encourage emotional resilience in difficult situations. There is no assumption of the knowledge of today’s ‘buzz’ words and any terminology that is used, is explained and further explored by the group with the use of games or tasks.


Elderly People

Paired work is encouraged to help with boosting confidence so no one feels isolated and yet is an opportunity for the individual to take time out, to think about themselves, and at the same time to feel a valued part of a small group.  People are encouraged throughout to share stories and to bring their own experience and knowledge to the learning in a safe environment, which is confidential. This is established from the outset and the purpose of the group contract.

6Week Course outline

Week 1

  • Introductions and ‘getting to know you and me’
  • Working together and group contract
  • Confusion to order – learning new skills while having fun!
  • Assessing needs, and exploring hopes, fears, expectations
  • Exploring what limits us and real life scenario – life without limits!

Week 2

  • Introduction to fear, courage and heroes.
  • Personal Development – what do we mean?
  • Wellness wheel/Wheel of life – who am I, where am I?
  • Self-confidence and Self-esteem
  • Compassion and acceptance

Week 3

  •  Exploring levels of fear and worry
  • Coping skills

Week 4

  • Conflict Resolution – an individual perspective
  • Dealing with difficult people – who are these people?
  • Negativity and criticism – what can I do about it?

Week 5

  • Anger management – whattt?
  • Solution–focused perspectives

Week  6

  • How can I be more assertive?
  • What is it and how can I be it?
  • Bringing it altogether – ‘Free to be me’ art and craft.


The Free to be me course that has been created especially for older people.   It is aimed at people who are retired and will probably be more suitable for people over 65, but there is no restriction on age. 

The target group should be able to have a reasonable level of understanding. Recall tasks are purposely used at the beginning of each week to aid memory and to lead into each week. The course is suitable for wheelchair users as all of the activities, games, tasks etc., can be carried out sitting around a table. It is assumed, that there will be carers present if other physical care is required during the training course.

Each group has different needs and people work at slightly different paces, depending on age and ability, so the content may vary from week to week, depending on this. 

The course shares tips to promote self-confidence and self-esteem, and coping skills to encourage emotional resilience in difficult situations.  The trainer endeavours to make the individual feel significant, and a valued part of society and it is hoped that each person can apply their new learned perspective and skills to enhance all aspects of their lives upon completing the course. Also, sometimes a group may want to concentrate their discussion on one area more than another because that is more important to their situation, so this is accommodated as much as possible. However, over the 6 weeks all the topics are covered.

Although content is serious, humour and light-heartedness is employed throughout and a variety of media is used to bring the learning to life each week. This includes:

  • Puzzles (number and word searches)
  • Games
  • Paper tasks
  • YouTube clips
  • Music and songs
  • Everyday life examples
  • Shared stories from group members
  • Group discussion
  • Movie clips


Information that is presented in the course has been adapted to make it easier to understand in everyday language.  It is produced by Javelin Success from evidence-based work of known Psychologists and Sociologists, who are acknowledged. Coaching and Cognitive Behaviour tools are also used throughout. 

(All ‘Free to be me’ PowerPoint presentations are owned by Javelin Success).


Ready to get started?

If you would like to book this course or you would just like to find out more about it, please feel free to contact me below, or ring me on 07800978121.